Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hans on tv

Just to let every one know Hans was on Sports Beat, on KSL. I tried looking it up but couldn't find it...maybe one of you smart guys can find it. It was on the 17 of Sept. I think.

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Jamie said...

I couldn't find it. But, I believe it. When Puppy, Carl and I were at the BYU/SDSU game back in early Oct. we saw Hans on the Jumbo tron. He looked good carrying around a baby in his massive arms. A baby he probably squashed by flexing. Also on the Jumbo tron was this rediculous home-made movie with Cosmo. It was pathetic. I read on BYU's site they are having a contest for student's to make these and they'll air them at football and basketball games. A good idea on paper. However, when you think of the creativity of BYU student population, you quickly discover -- bad BAD idea. When police beat is the best chance you got to enter pop culture its a bad idea giving creative license to this group.