Monday, December 12, 2005

The Second Coming must be near

It's true my Hotel California brothers! Last night I had the privilege of asking the woman of my dreams to marry me..And the best part is that she said yes! Please take the time to send me your current addresses so I can send you an invitation. We will be getting married in the Mesa temple and having a reception there as well. Right now we are planning on Saturday Feb. 18. Monday Feb. 20 is a holiday so those of you not living in AZ will have time with a 3-day weekend. Gracias



Jamie said...

A HUGE CONGRATS TO THE PUPPY. Now, let me address all this talk on email about calling him Maddog now. I'm as happy for the Pup as anybody, with the exception of maybe his mom and dad. I'm a big Puppy fan, one of the better friends I've ever had. But I understand a thing or two about names. And that is you don't just change them when an event occurs in your life. You don't graduate to a new name because an event occurs such as getting married or consummating the marriage. Its not like Shaq was no longer the Diesel when he got married. He's still the Diesel. Its not like Mailman changed his name when he never won an NBA title. He's still the mailman. He just never delivered anything. Brian's name is Puppy. That's his name. Puppy. Or Pup for short. Just as my name is Highmay. And it won't change when I get married.

Let's look at some of the other Hotel folks. The Conner's name didn't change when he got married. Hillboy's name didn't change when he tied the knot. Deacon's didn't either. Teddy, BRRRRRRet, Rico, Cammie. I think I've made my point.

Congratulations Puppy. You will forever be the Puppy.

Cam said...

Agreed Highmay. Excellent take. Even Kathy legally took on the last name of Hulse but she istill Kathy not Kathy The end

Litos said...

i'm in total agreement. Puppy it is!! I can't wait to teach his children that their Pop's name is Puppy-- that will be great! and i can't wait for the dinner/lunch where we all call him puppy and then all of her family and Friends will start calling him Puppy--- it will be a joyous occassion, for sure.

Conner said...

Greetings, lads. I am now a voice in the greatest blog on the internet.

Brian, the moniker of "Puppy" has been seered into your soul, just as I have been branded "Conner". I fought it at first. First there was denial. Anger shortly followed. Then one sweet day upon awaking from a peaceful slumber, I uttered the magical words, "Si, soy Conner!!". I successfully embraced my rightful title.

Pup, you have wallowed in denial and anger long enough. Repeat after puppy...Soy Puppy...SOY PUPPY!! Serenity Now!!

Litos said...

way to help a brother through the rough times, Conner. we know that the Pup has taken his time with many things, and this may be no different. but chant the mantra on... SOY PUPPY!