Saturday, December 03, 2005

Upstairs v. Downstairs Round 3

Category #9 School Pride
Since none of us went tunnel singing, hiked the “Y”, took pictures in front of the botany pond, attended Biology Professor devotionals, or donated to “Lighting the Way” you can say both Upstairs and Downstairs doesn’t have all that much school pride. But we did rah rah rah at the football games, scream “HILLMAN” at the volleyball games, and clap at the girl’s soccer games. But one individual showed the pride of the true blue. And that was Jamie and BYU day. Even though Carl brought negative pride points to Downstairs when he wanted to organize a strike because BYU wouldn’t show Rodin’s sculpture ‘The Kiss’ -- the edge goes to downstairs because of the overwhelming amount of pride Jamie showed dressing up for BYU day. That day alone overcomes all Carl’s anti-BYU angst. C’mon. Think back. Tevas with socks, rolled up jean shorts, the multi-colored rugby shirt and, the cu de gras, a brown weave belt looped back around and hung down the front of the shorts. Jamie didn’t just stop there either; he got his girlfriend to dress up, too. The definition of pride my friends. Winner Downstairs.

Category #10 Practical Jokes
Ahh. Practical Jokes. Pranks. High jinks. Tomfoolery. Shenanigans. The jokesters that college kids are. How could this not be a category? College and practical jokes go hand in hand, like coffee and cream, tea and honey, beer and nuts, wine and cheese, scotch and ice – all analogies of beverages we don’t drink. Those analogies just came to me. Am I drunk? Only drunk with the memories of removing the front door to the brick house, drunk with the memory of a standing behind a two-way mirror while Bro. Lewis announced a Ping Pong tournament at the Hotel California, drunk with the memory of Dave Nabrotzky yelling “Carl” outside his window with his pants around his ankles, getting hammered with the memory of water balloons tagging the courts at Liberty Square, getting completely wasted with the memory of a sock and a couple golf balls in a pair of leopard print underwear, getting pissed with the memory of all of Conrad’s friends and all of Carl’s friends returning their calls one night, stumbling around with the memory of apartment 201’s living room furniture transferred to the parking lot, Kim Harris getting soaked with water from above, Becky Barlow’s car packed with snow, and Quinn Kwan standing at the bus stop at 3 am (all Raintree but super funny). But, I passed with the memory of seeing Hans Olsen locked outside in his cowboy boots, tighty whities and cowboy hat pounding on the door yelling, ‘I am going to hurt you’ while Joe, Cam and crew just laughed knowing full well they would inevitably get wedgies, sharkies and swirlies. Winner Upstairs.

Category #11 Service
This is the category where you always say, ‘I could have done more.’ I certainly think that. In reality, we all did a good amount. But this category is owned by Carl. Carl’s truck was always full of stuff. He was always helping someone move, loading someone’s big purchase, or hauling someone’s crap away. Carl didn’t just drop by with a message and a ‘do you need anything’? He home taught. He made breakfast. He passed out gifts and not in a cheesy Relief Society sort of way, but in a cool way. Carl volunteered as a mentor to under privileged kids in the community. He was a Best Buddy. And he dated Vicki Winkle, a whole other sacrifice altogether. But seriously, Carl was a great example of service. Winner Carl.

Category #12 Making Guests Feel Welcome
Upstairs and Downstairs had a pretty uncanny way of making guests feel welcome, feel right at home. Dirty B made girls feel really welcome by showing them his poster collection. Cam made Debbie’s friend feel welcome by walking in on her in the bathroom. Puppy made Reggie feel welcome by turning on the treadmill for him. Cam made Dueno and friends feel welcome by putting up beautiful images of Tommy girls on the fridge. Downstairs, Jamie made a date feel welcome by sending her upstairs to hang out with Cam while he got back together with his girlfriend. Any time a bro came home with a date, downstairs made her feel welcome by leaving them alone, dimming the lights and playing Air Supply’s “Lost in Love”. Jamie made Mahina feel welcome by providing her and Luke a little light while they were over at the school. Sean made Carl feel welcome in his own home by warming up his bed before he got in it. And then there was Molly. Downstairs made her feel soooooo welcome. Hiding her shoes. Making her friend Jenny feel comfortable. If it wasn’t for all the welcoming we did, they’d never be married today. That is why the very slight edge has to go to Downstairs. Winner Downstairs.

So, after 12 the score is Downstairs 7 Upstairs 5. Final 4 and the outcome tomorrow.


Litos said...

Again-- piece of art, Jamie! lots of good memories on that one. and Cam- nice take on he Joe and Dirty B with the kissing-- very funny. i hope BBBBBret gets some props somewhere in all of this with his cama dinky and fall away basketball on top of Bret while he was sleeping! in addition, i heard that Hans just got picked up by the Blaze-- the indoor football team here in SLC! maybe we should try and hit a game or two??

Jamie said...

Is that true? Hans really playing for the Blaze? That's be cool. Because you know we could get a crew together and make some noise. He'd hear us, too. Only like 50 people go to those games, 40 of them wives.

Brent said...

Yes, thanks you all for making Molly so welcome. So welcome in fact that she still becomes frustrated thinking about all those hours lost kissing me while searching for her slippers that Ted hid. If Molly ever gets to your house Ted, you better hide your shoes before we come.