Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fall Fling

I think we should send BYU some ideas for the preeminent FALL FLING. After being removed from the influence of the Fall Fling for some time now the BYUSA organization could use some input. That is where we come in. We know what works and what does not. We only want to assist and help our alma mater in providing an unsurpassed Fall Fling. I mean this is the reason that some of the students chose to go to BYU, or UVSC, or Provo High, just to experience the Fall Fling.

I know they don't even call it the "Fling" anymore. I don't know who but someone brilliantly decided to call it the Fiesta, Gala, Get Together, Bash, Celebration, or something rather. So we need to help the BYUSA get it together and give the students what they deserve. They got to lose that tired Sumo Wrestling game. American Gladiators was cool in the early Nineties. And doesn't velcro lose it's stick after so many uses. Those freshman girls are still thinking it is the 15 lbs they gained from the cafeteria not the faulty velcro for the reason they can't stick to the velcro wall. Lose that thing. I know there is a lot more...

So post some ideas on what to cut out or what to add and we will forward it to BYU so they can plan a the Best Fall Fling yet...and who knows maybe someone will get invited home for some chocolate milk and get married out of it??? We will really send it.

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