Monday, November 06, 2006

Back in the Polls Baby

Yep. This week the Cougars are #25 in the AP Poll. Well, don't get too excited. There is a lot of football to play and knowing the Cougar's history, they have an incredible ability to fall flat on their faces at the end of the season. A fun article on about the Cougs re-entrance into the polls filled with little, BYU ranking factoids. Take a read. My favorite was this: "The last time BYU was ranked (in any poll) was prior to the Cougars' 31-28 loss at Nevada on Sept. 14, 2002. (After the loss, BYU was no longer ranked.)" Did you guys read that: "after the loss, BYU was no longer ranked." Um, yeah. The pollsters may get dinged for all their polling changes and BCS systems. But they got that one right. When a team loses to the formerly named Sagebrush or Sage Hens (Nevada Wolfpack) then you don't get ranked. Period. When your team loses to a university whose National Championships come from Rifling (2002 - Ryan Tanoue (Air Rifle) 1954 Team Rifling Champions) then you better not be ranked anymore. When you can't beat a univerisity's football in a city who prides itself on their 'play and stay' casinos so that everyone in Northern California and Oregon can get their gambling on then you deserve to drop out of the polls. The one rule the pollsters get right everytime is if you lose to the 'biggest little city in the world's' football team then you get no votes. So, after that loss its no surprise it took us four years to get back in the Top 25. Bad news is the Cougars are only 26th and 27th in the polls that effect the BCS standings. So, we still have some games to win.

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