Monday, August 27, 2007

Where's Litos

Oh where, oh where has our Litos gone?
Oh where, oh where are his cheeks?
Just wondering if anyone has heard from Carlitos? He seems to be missing in action since his wedding. New phone number apparently. Come on Litos, no courtesy call to inform us of your new number? Not even an effortless mass text message? That does not sound like Carl to me. Therefore, I am obligated to presume foul play. Has Carl been turned to a Slave of the Chirelle? Not that it is a bad thing necessarily. Is Carl in Iraq practicing medicine? Or has Carl always been on the cusp of being translated and just needed the final step of marriage and he goes shooting straight up in his fiery chariot? Perplexed we are Litos? Dare we call Trudy and interupt her piano lessons to find out your whereabouts or contact info. I don't know if it has reached that extreme yet.


Jamie said...

Carl is unfortunately in brown yard hell. He has become Carl Spackler the groundskeeper. Only his nemesis is not a gopher on a golf course -- oh no! The enemy are brown blades of grass. How often should he water? Twice a week? Morning and night? Can we help a brother?

Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

Seriously, honeymoon is over, way over, come on up for air. Spring 2008 would be a perfect time to come - you could come sooner, but then only Kenny would be around to perform the "hostess" and well, if I were you I wouldn't risk it!