Friday, November 25, 2005

Upstairs v. Downstairs

My first blog. Wow. I don’t want it to suck. First off, a huge gracias por Cammie setting this up. To go right into it, the topic: Hotel California Upstairs v. Downstairs. I think we’ve all thought it about, but nobody has ever talked about it. Why? I don’t know, but its_ON.

This is how it works. There are a total of 16 categories. Each category will have a winning floor and to the floor with the most wins goes bragging rights as top Hotel Floor. Upstairs v. Downstairs. My first blog.

Category#1 College Athletics
Upstairs had a football player, and two volleyball players. Downstairs had a soccer player and two volleyball players. Both upstairs and downstairs won a National Championship in volleyball. So, the winner is literally going to be determined by the total number of varsity years. Poole played 4 years of varsity soccer. Lambourne and Pitzak played 4 years each of varsity volleyball. For a total of 12 varsity years. Hans played 4 years of varsity football. Scott played 7 years of varsity volleyball and Joe played 8 years of varsity volleyball. For a total of 19 varsity years. The edge definitely goes to the Upstairs for the Hillman brothers defying collegiate eligibility rules.

Category #2 Musical Talent
We all sang along to songs like Hello Mr. Yankle, Andy and Let’s Be Friends Talk, but nothing compared to Jamie and Brian Hulse’s crowd favorite Hubba Bubba. That wicked duo rocked the Ward talent shows. However, the edge has to go to Luke Moffat for his days playing bass with Clubber Lang and the Heavyweights. That gig alone scored him weeknights in the park with Mahina – the dark-haired Goddess of the night. Winner Downstairs.

Category #3 Ward Dinners
Remember these are all important categories. And this is one of the more important ones. Cause if we didn’t score Sunday dinners, then we were left to eat Ted’s cereal and Joe’s ice cream. From Park Place to the Cheers Down to various other homes in and out of the Ward, we did pretty dang good. In fact, I challenge any other house at BYU during the same four-year period to a Sunday Dinner off and we’ll win. But nobody will argue with me when I say hands down, the edge clearly goes to Upstairs due solely to the Pup. Yes, Puppy made getting Sunday Dinner his sole reason for going to church. While the rest of us we’re spiritually feeding our souls, the Pup was attempting to feed his physical belly. And it paid off. I believe at one point Puppy had a streak of 20 straight weeks of Sunday dinners at the Blue Light Special House. Considering he wasn’t hooking up with any one of those girls -- that is a feat that will go down in the annals of BYU lore never to be matched again. Winner Upstairs.

Category #4 Cars
This is hard one. Very hard. Lots of gems on both sides. Shane and his monster truck Upstairs. Pup’s racing red 240Z, the Nissan T-top, and don’t forget Scott Hillman and Scott Brown’s Ford Probes. Oh and then there’s Choco Herbie. That is an iconic car.
Downstairs we had the shiny new black Tacoma (until Winkle dented the back end), Teddy’s Luv truck followed by that odd boxy car/wagon/SUV thing with the balance indicator on the dash, the family Volvo, and a couple of sweet Saturns. Lots of cool cars, lots of cars with character. So, who wins? I think the edge has to go to Downstairs simply because of Eric Poole’s blue station wagon. Can you imagine a more practical college car? I can’t. Great gas mileage. Easy to park. Reliable. I still can’t believe Eric was able to maneuver that car into the backyard of the hotel with a lone inch clearance of either side. Winner Downstairs.

Upstairs v. Downstairs. Score 2-2. Four more categories tomorrow.


Cam said...

Well Done Jamie. Well Done!

Litos said...

Classic!! I can hardly wait for the next installment!! By the way-- did Joe only have 8 years? That seems way to short, I think he got jipped somewhere on that one. By the way, Jamie-- an official Happy Birthday on the blog and, yes, the Laker vs Heat 8th row duckettes are completely Kung Fu... nice score!!