Friday, January 13, 2006

Number 1

Before we unveil that coveted #1 spot, let’s quickly remind ourselves how we got here.

Honorable Mention was the Conner as patron saint of Arizona.
#10 was the birth of Cam and Kathy’s little girl Sadie.
#9 was Dave Nabrotzky’s funny picture highlighting our trip to Mexico.
#8 was the Hotel California Blog.
#7 was the Huge Take of the Year by Hans.
#6 was Ted’s eclipse of the 160lb mark.
#5 was my ‘questionable’ humor.
#4 was the disappearance of the Hotel California Sign.
#3 was Sean Brown’s efforts for his seminary class.
#2 was the Puppy/Karen engagement.

And that brings us to number one. Numero uno. And ooh la la is it a goodie. Check this out. On February 5th, 2005 there was some matrimony going on. Who of us got married last year? None of us. Neither one of these people lived in the Hotel California. So, who cares then? How does this affect us then? I’ll tell you how. It just so happened those two people were Conrad’s brother Joe and Cameron/Brian’s sister Emily. Do you know what this means? Do you KNOW what this MEANS? The Conner, the Camie and B Hulse are brothers. BROTHERS. Truly amazing.

The repercussions of this event are magnanimous. Huge. Do you know what this means? It means Conner, Cam and Brian are forever tied together now. They’re relatives. Christmas at the Morins, Thanksgiving at the Hulses. That’s what this means.

It means that Cam and Brian automatically get the invite to be in the circle at Conner’s nephew’s baby blessing. Think about it. Yes, Cam and Brian’s hand will rest under Conner’s nephew’s cheeks and bounce that little guy while Cam and Brian’s brother-in-law gives it a name and blessing. That what this means.

It means Conner automatically gets the nod for Cam and Brian’s niece’s baptism. In fact, in the off chance Joe pulls a hammy, Conner is tied up with business and Fizz had a devastating accident and is now a quadriplegic -- Cam is baptizing Conner’s niece. Don’t think he isn’t, cause he is. That’s what this means.

It means Cam and Brian will call Volney grandpa. Conner will call Darcel grandpa and Renee grandma. Grandpa Voof and Grammy Linda. And great uncle DDM. That’s what this means.

It means extended family reunions in Provo and pictures at the botany pond. Iron your denim shirt, smile big, pose for the camera, cause this one is for posterity. That’s what this means.

It means Sadie and Zach could be kissing cousins. Oh my gosh it does. One Thanksgiving holiday under the bleachers during the family turkey bowl. That’s what this means.

It means Cam will know all the juicy Morin family secrets and Conner will know all the dirt on with the Hulse family. That’s what this means.

It means that Cam, Brian and Conner are now on the same family tree. Seriously, these guys are on the same genealogy chart now. 200 years into the future someone will be checking out their lineage and they’ll see the intersection of the Hulse and Morin families. That’s what this means.

And ultimately it means Cam, Brian and Conner get courtside Staples Center tickets for the Lakers. Cause, I mean, c’mon, how can Joe and Emily’s kids not be like 7’5”. And, of course, they’ll be drafted by the Lakers. After the first contract extension, we’re talking new house for Uncle Conner, a new blinged-out Cadillac for Uncle Cam, and a new speedboat for Uncle Brian. A new fir coat for Auntie Kathy, a spanking new liquid plasma TV with surround sound for Aunt Kristen and some new ICE for Aunt Xochi. Gravy city, baby. That’s what this means.

The coming together of the Hulse and Morin families. Let’s celebrate our number one event. And congrats to all who made it. We look forward to another year of excellent events.


Teed said...

It means all of this, of course, as long as there isn't a divorce.

Litos said...

let's get to the meat of this whole thing... what does it MEAN for us??? perchance a spare ticket to the Lake Show thrown our way? do WE get in on the family "secrets" and/or "dirt?" i mean, isn't this really a melding of 3 families? Morin-Hulse-Hotel? hyphenate as you wish, but this is bigger than any of us thinks. mark my words.
oh yeah, and don't forget the Laker tickets. :)

Cam said...

Litos, I must agree with you. It is not just Morrin/Hulse it is Hotel as well. I just hope the 7'5" guy play paly some ball. There will be no Shawn Bradleys in this fam... waste of height.

Bret Anderson said...

Joe was in my living room for 20 minutes before I realized it wasn't Conner. I just thought it was Conner and that someone had eaten his New Yorker pizza the night before and he didn't feel like talking.

Cam said...

Accolades to you. Yet another year has gone by and you have summed it up perfectly as usual. From Dave's Blue Light District in TN to Teeds Buck sixty record. This has been an eventful year. I amsure 2006 will hold some amazing chart toppers. Thanks Jamie