Monday, January 23, 2006

Let The Games Begin

As you all know the Puppy is getting married. Through the years the Hotel California guys have been blessing the lives of women until one extraordinary woman is eternally blessed and actually marries one of these rare hotel specimens. There have been many a wedding in our past. All of which had their idiosyncrasies and uniqueness. So I solicit your memories in the catacombs of your gray matter. This will help those that are going to be in attendance at the Puppy's wedding get into the right frame of mind.

Here are a few to get the juices stirring:

Dave and Trisha
30+ groomsmen
Only one superfine bridesmaid. Of course she wanted Hillman

Jonny and Michelle
Serivce Project (urrr we are having the reception at her house and she needs the yard overhauled) for his future mother in law. I saw everyone in the hotel there except Jonny. He was probably just late getting there. The wedding reception wasn't even there afterall.

Sean and Analisse
Sean has 31+ Groomsmen
Scotty b anounces at the luncheon that he is Sean Brown's only GAY friend. Sean's grandmother almost swallows her spoon.

Hillman and Wacko
Bachelor party including Wendy Clomp and flamingo that's enough. Oh and someone won a Big screen TV that night from work at Feature Films for Families. Hillman's dad was impressed.

Brian and Xochitl
Brickoven, camouflage boxers, Hans, and table. The brickoven regards that moment as an urban legend as it is passed on from senior to freshman each year. Next time you are there ask them if some guy got up on the table and stripped. They will say that they heard about that.

Nate and Amy
Another Brickoven moment: Nate runs into his Ex girlfriend while celebrating with the Boys the night befpore his wedding. Dialogue going something like this.
Chick: Nate how is it going?
Nate: Fine
Chick: Where have you been, I have been wondering about you. We should hang out again.
Nate: Ummm yeah I am getting married tomorrow. So peace out.
Yeah needless to say that was too dang coincidental and akwardly classic.

Shane and Miriam
100 screaming women in scarves coming swirling around Shane and Miriam as they eneter the Grand Ballroom. Miriam's Dad was in awe and his eyes were bugging out of his mellon.

Conner and Kristen
This one was very simple and to the point. "My Wife has rules" It had only been about 5 hours since they were married.

Ted and Allison
This one happened away from the wedding party. Conner noticed a couple of hotties and so did Jamie. They strategically place themselves at their table to find out that Shane is already there. So where there are three Hotel Boys it is on. Conner, being a thoughtful gentleman and trying to break the 12 ft thick ice, asked if they wanted a refill on their drinks. Very smooth. While away at the punch bowl. Jamie proceeds to warn the two hotties not to ask anything about Conner's dad. They want to know why. Jamie just says, "trust me." and then looks at Shane. Shane takes his finger and puts it up to his head and makes the weirdo gesture slowly circling his finger by his head. He quickly pulls his finger down and enter the Conner with the ladies refilled cups of punch. They get up and leave without a word. Conner might still be a little miffed about that one..

Rich Kruger and Diana
For a week straight at 11pm Kruger would don his silk leopard boxer, moon boots and ski goggles, with nothing else mind you, and come out to the famous ABBA song Dancing Queen. He would dance and sache his way across the floor and then go into his room and hit the rack for the night. After understanding the routine. We invited a slew of girls home from the library with us to witness the spectacle. Kruger came out on que. The girls were never the same.

Breeeetttt and Jenn
Brett recruits Jen to enjoy the cama dinky.

Of course, I don't know all of them so no hard feelings if your not on here. I know there are hundreds, maybe thousands, more please help us recollect them as we anxiously await the memories that willl come from the Puppy's wedding.



Jamie said...

Conner, I must say that I have a worse "funny" percentage than Kobe's shooting percentage last night. My comment at Ted's wedding was one of those air balls. Has my humor gotten any more appropriate. Well, if you ask the Whitings, it hasn't.

But wedding moments? How about your very own reception, Camie. Oh my gosh! Where were we? Yuma? All I know is "a few miles away" was more like a half-day drive.

Cam said...

Hey I got you there didn't I... Plus if you didn't go you would not have been able to flirt with Kathy's 18 year old sister.
Mission Accomplished

Teed said...

Like Jamie said, I swear at Cams reception the property bordered Mexico. It was that far away! I even saw some illegals crossing through the premise that night.

Jamie said...

How are we going to find out where the Puppy is staying? Cause after we go round up Hans from his Arena football game, we might just want the flamingo to visit Pup and Karen's cheeks at their hotel.