Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Number 2

Numero dos. I’m gonna come right out with it cause it’s so exciting. THE PUP. THE PUPPY. How about that guys? Many of you thought it would never happen. Don’t think you didn’t. Cause you did. After the announcement Cam even titled a post, “The Second Coming Must Be Near.” Well the Pup showed all of you. We all found out when he sent this email:

From: Brian Matsen
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 06:43:21 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Maddog Getting Mariied.

It's true my Hotel California brothers! Last night I had the privilege of asking the woman of my dreams to marry me..And the best part is that she said yes! Please take the time to send me your current addresses so I can send you an invitation. We will be getting married in the Mesa temple and having a reception there as well. Right now we are planning on Saturday Feb. 18. Monday Feb. 20 is a holiday so those of you not living in AZ will have time with a 3-day weekend. Gracias


Well, I don’t know about this being the girl of his dreams (Melissa Fillmore) but the Puppy and Karen engagement scores this year’s #2 event of the year. And huge props to Karen for being the first ever Safety Woman (see picture in an earlier post titled: The Engagement Photo). We all had a lot to say about the Puppy engagement, but I think Shane said it best, followed by a kung fu comment by Carl.

posted by shanesimps @ 4:19 PM
A lot of testosterone built up? I most certainly think so! Which is why we should consider going with Maddog. Simply put, come the evening of February 18, his little puppy will actually turn into a Maddog. Which now makes me believe that once that testosterone finds a new home, all those in the Suites surrounding the newly joined "Matsen's" shall hear the world's most pitchiest "SI!" ever released by the one formerly known as the Pup.

litos said...
Not a bad new-name. and the yes, this will be the "Si" heard around the world.

Funny. And we can’t forget to acknowledge Now I know they didn’t meet on, but the Puppy wouldn’t have been the dating machine he became had it not been for that online match-making service. Was it not for the confidence gave the Pup, he may not have wooed Miss Karen soon to be Mrs. Puppy. In fact, this is the second time Puppy earned the #2 spot on the countdown. In 2003, because of, Puppy earned the #2 spot as being on more dates that year than me and Cam and Carl combined.

Well congratulations Puppy and Karen on capturing the 2005 Hotel California Top Ten #2 spot. And congratulations on your engagement. I look forward to the wedding. Might I suggest a wedding song. How about “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. That’s a good one. ‘Two hearts, two hearts that beat as one…I found in you, my endless love.’ Maybe a little too common. Oh. What about Alphaville’s “Forever Young”. ‘I want to be forever young’. That’s great. Well, no. Way too high school graduation. I got it. John Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland.” Yes. Actually, no. A little too homo-erotic. I’m out of suggestions. Wait. Wait. Yes. That’s it. Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” YES. ‘Its getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes. I am getting so hot I’m gonna take my clothes off.’ Perfect. Congrats Pup and Karen.

Well, one to go. We’ve counted down nine so far. What could it be? Stop back in tomorrow and your queries will be answered.


Litos said...

yes, by all means, props to! gracias so mucho.

Cam said...

Another possible song. "Who let the Pup Out"

Jamie said...

Who let the Pup Out -- genius. Are you writing down these suggestions Puppy? Talk them over with Karen. Communication is the key to any relationship. That and letting go of past loves, errrr Fillmore. Here is a question for everyone? Which of the Hotel California members is having the hardest time getting over an old flame? Is it Puppy and Fillmore? Sean and Maryann? Or someone else?