Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 Hotel California #10 Event of the Year

#10. Late last year, on December 7th, we made an incredible discovery. I call it increible. All thanks to a mishap by Miriam Simpson, Shane’s lovely wife. It was the discovery of otro Conner Morin. Yes. There exists in this world a second Conner Morin. Now, he spells his name slightly different. But he’s out there. And we know his email address. Let me take you through the events that led to this year’s number 10 event – the discovery of Conner’ numero dos.

On December 7th Miriam sent out an electronic mail that read:
From: Miriam Simpson
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 09:58:13 -0800
To: , , , , , ,
Hi guys,
How is everything going? The time has arrived to send out Christmas
cards and I do not have your addresses. Could you all please just drop a
quick email with your address? That would be great.
Miriam (Shane's woman)

To that me, Puppy and Teed replied to all with our addresses. Ted even injected a little humor in his response.

From: Jamie Webb
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 13:06:21 -0500
Subject: RE:
8205 SW 179 Terrace
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
I replied all figuring that others on the Simpson’s Christmas Card List may want to spread some joy and holiday cheer my way.

From: Brian Matsen
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 12:21:59 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE:
708 Mayfield Ct.
Naperville, IL 60565

From: tedjennings
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 18:15:00 -0700
Subject: RE:
3693 S Skyline Dr
Gilbert, AZ 85297
Ted (Alison's Man)

And then, like a long, lost brother, like an orphaned child seeking his family, we received this:

From: Conor Morin
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 15:21:54 -0500
Subject: RE:
Hi, I think you're confused with someone else... can you please take me off your email list.

AMAZING. Conner Morin, meet Conor Morin. I feel like I am witnessing a miracle. Destiny? Fate? Probably so. Was Miriam’s mistyping of an accident? I highly doubt it. It was meant to be. I hope, Conner, you use this as opportunity to reach out to him. He appears to be a nice guy asking please and saying Hi. I hope we ALL use this as an opportunity to reach out to him. I already have. See below. I didn’t get a response, but perhaps you others will.

From: Jamie Webb
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 15:56:55 -0500
Subject: Re:
Mr. Morin
Our deepest apologies. At first I thought you were joking, but alas you are right. Though you share the same name as one of our good friends, Conrad Morin, yours is not the email for our good friend. We will remove you from our email list. Just so you know, as I’ve thus stated, you share the name of a very good friend of ours, Conrad Morin. Perhaps he is a relative. Perhaps just a mere coincidence. Nonetheless, Merry Christmas to you and yours. If, in the off chance, you find it in your heart to spread some greetings this season with strangers my address is below. I’ve had a pretty rough year, and whether from old or new friends I can use all the well wishes I can get.
Jamie Webb

Yes. This very amazing discovery earns the #10 spot on the 2006 Hotel California Top Ten list.


Litos said...

Can't believe that that guy did not respond... I mean, Jamie said he was having a rough year and nothing... that's kind of un-Conner or un-Conor like, don't you think? Maybe he is Bizarro Conner.. you know, kinda like Bizarro Superman-- everything very similar, but totally opposite. Bizarro Conner... that's it.

Jamie said...

Ahh. Sometimes it takes seeing the situation through another's eyes to realize what's really going on. I agree. This is Bizarro Conner. So, what should we do? Kill him with kindness? Or egg his house? Ashcraft knows all about egging people's houses.

shanesimps said...

Please see the email I recieved below from bizarro COnor on 3-23-05. Unfortunatley he has not been pleased knowing others live truer to his name. Mir has received a worse email and will not forward it to me. There IS and can ONLY be ONE Conor!

Conor Morin (
To: Shane Simpson (

Subject: Re:

ummm wrong conrad, f*$k off

nater said...

Given Bizarro Conner's uncalled for email response sent to Shane on 3-23-05, my vote is that we use the eggs. It's much easier than kindness and still very much consistent the teachings of Christianity. I will run a skip trace on this unruly character in an effort to determine where he lives. We can then endeavor to make all other appropriate arrangements for the egg throwing proceedings.

Jamie said...

Woah. Sorry you got that email Shane. I've heard the asterisk * followed by the dollar sign $ is the worst form of the F word you can type online. Its like LMAO compared to the simple LOL. Wow. He is not a nice guy at all.

Litos said...

Definitely eggs, definitely. Maybe Dave can moon him, too. Down with Bizarro Conner!!