Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 Hotel California Honorable Mention of the Year

Anyway, we’re going to start with the Honorable Mention for 2006. But before I start I just wanted to plug the 2006 Jamie and Kelly Christmas Card Story Contest. Write yours today for a chance to win some fabulous prizes.

Honorable Mention. As mentioned yesterday, the #1 event in 2004 was Jonny and his job as a salesperson for scrapbooking supplies. At that time, his manhood was in question. Now, come 2006, I am proud to say that beginning next year, Mr. Nabrotzky in his new job, is being promoted to be an International Manager. Take a read below.

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 20:27:39 -0700
To: Jamie Webb
Subject: Re: Merry Christmas

Also just wanted to let you know the major change in our life. I recently was selected to be an International Manager with HSBC. The same company that Sean (and previously Dave) work for. We will be moving to London on May 11 next year and then each 2 years we will be moving to different countries all over the world. HSBC is the largest financial institution in the world recently passing Citifinancial as the largest bank in the world in total assets. All the bros will be welcome to come and visit us wherever we are. Most likely we will be in Hong Kong after London and from there who knows. If you take away the cost of accommodations world travel right now is pretty cheap. Hope all is great with you and the last word I got was you were engaged and moving to Colorado. Congrats if that is true and wish you the best. Keep me updated and I will do the same.
Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Congratulations Jonny. Happy travels. Sounds like a cool experience. Seems like ever since you traveled to Jeruselum you’ve been wanting to spend time abroad. And here you go. Dreams do come true. But, I’ll have you know, there is no cool bag you get in London, Hong Kong or anywhere else you end up. The BYU Jeruselum bag was it. The peak. Like Macalay Culkin’s career after Home Alone, you’ll never have a better bag. HSBC may try, with all its assets, which are the largest in the world, to give you an HSBC logoed briefcase or atache but it will fail. That BYU Jeruselum bag is KING. So, if you’re going for the bag. I suggest you reconsider. Joking. Seriously, very cool opportunity.

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Litos said...

Congratulations Jonny!! That is fantastic-- London is great! And Hong Kong very tempting for a visit!! But, don't let Jamie fool you... that Jerusalem bag rules!! Only those who have it really know the joy and status that it brings. Okay, granted... I cut the logo off the face of mine and then used it, but it didn't lessen the feeling I had every time I used it! :)