Monday, January 08, 2007

2006 Hotel California #4 Event of the Year

#4 Number four is one of those great moments that really mean something. Sure, Dave’s funny message and BYU beating Utah are great. But other events involve people’s salvation. Literally. On December 3rd, 2006 Scott Hillman baptized his neighbors, Jeff and Kyryn Sanders. Many of you received this email from Hallie.

From: Hallie Vernon Subject: scott baptizes Jeff and Kyryn
Sent: Saturday, December 9, 2006 6:01 AM
Hi, here are some pictures of the Sanders baptism. It was really special because we had asked them to take the discussions and we got to listen to most of them and help them answer questions. Then they decided that this church was right for them. If you look at them they are so happy, they have changed. Then Scott was able to baptize them. It was so wonderful. Love, Hallie.

I make a lot of jokes and what not on this list. But, really there are few things in life that matter more than doing missionary work. I look back to my mission and all of our missions. The Philippines, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Canada, Brazil, and more. I’m glad that the work continues afterward. The Church is true and it’ll bless the Sanders’ lives. And Hallie and Scott will be blessed for introducing and helping them find the truth. Now, I’m sure the Sanders will learn in time that it’s actually NOT OK to use foul language or go to Rated-R movies. But, I don’t think it’ll shatter their faith. Sorry Scott, I had to make one joke. Wait, I can’t resist. One more. Kyryn? Ok. That’s joke enough. Congrats on earning the number 4 spot. And let us all really pray for missionary opportunities.

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Cam said...

Nice work Hillman!. I am so proud of you and Halle. It's not easy to out yourself out there and be a missionary like that. Way to go brother. You do have a talent for putting yourself out there. However, it is usually under the guise of Bob Dole or someone.