Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2006 Hotel California #2 Event of the Year

#2 Ahhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhh!! Numero Dos. You see the pictures, and, YES, the rumors are true! Mr. Whittaker is engaged. On December 9th, 2006 Carl asked Charelle to marry him and she said YES! Now, hopefully Carl won’t be mad that I shared this story without his permission. But, I’d like to share the way Carl asked Charelle to marry him. It’s girlie, I know. But it’s a cool story so leave me alone.

As we all know, Carl tends to hold onto things. Alright. Whatever. He’s a friggin PACK RAT! It’s bad guys. He needs an intervention. We all just need to show up to his house with some rope to tie him down and a dumpster. Dude has the first pair of shoes he wore on BYU campus as a freshman. He still has all of his blue weekly calendars from the mission. He has every mixed tape he’s ever made or been given. He even has a large banner that he was given congratulating him on graduating from high school; it still hangs in his bedroom at home.

Well, he finally used this talent to good use. That Saturday morning he took Charelle snowshoeing. They went up into the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. They packed a lunch, a blanket and a bottle of wine. And baww chica baww baww. Joking. But they did pack a lunch. While stopped for lunch, Carl pulled out a little album-type book. And gave it to Charelle.
Alright. I’ve got to pause and interrupt the story to talk about girl’s name. It’s a beautiful name. Interested, I looked up the origin of the name online. I found that it was broken into two parts ‘Sha’ and ‘Ella’. See below.

Sha (see also Cha) - Names beginning with Sha are “fashionable” because they sound attractive. Some may be variants of existing names from African, Arabian, or Isreali cultures while others are creative variants of traditional American names.

Sha- has many variant forms including: Shadonna, Shakeela, Shakeita, Shakina, Shakira, Shakitra, Shalaina, Shalaya, Shalisa, Shalita, Shaliza, Shalonda, Shamaine, Shamara, Shameka, Shanay, Shanedra, Shanessa, Shanika, Shaniqua, Shanita, Shannae, Shantelle, Shaquina, Shaquita, Sharae, Sharayah, Sharina, Sharita, Sharise.

Ella (see also Elle) - The girl's name Elle is a variant of Ella. The girl's name Ella is pronounced EL-ah. It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "other, foreign".

In other words, ‘Sharella’ or Charelle is a fashionable Islamic or African extremist. Which is pretty much precisely who we all saw Carl ending up with. So, back to the cute way in which Carl asked Charelle to marry him. He gave her a little album book. And in it contained every single piece of memorabilia from their time together. Pause again. You guys know I was kidding about the extremist thing, right? It was a joke. Ok. Back to the story. The little album book had movie ticket stubs, concert stubs, dinner receipts, etc. Everything they had done together. In chronological order. And at the end he placed a picture he’d take of the ring box. Followed by a picture he’d taken of the ring box open. And then he got down on one knee and gave her the ring. I don’t know what he said. That’s just not something you ask another guy. But, I know she said yes.

Pretty cool. And now they’re engaged. Carl is the best of friends. He is one of the greatest individuals with a super mind, and a huge heart. I love the guy. I’ve met Charelle many times. And she’s just as loveable. Here’s to the future Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker. My only advice for Charelle is: get a house with a basement and let Carl have it.

Nine down. One to go. What could it be? We've had an exciting list so far. What topped the charts? Come on back manana to find out 2006's shining pinnacle moment.


nater said...

Congratulations Carl!!! You've just about got it all now -- institutional qualifications, a career, a house, a smooth wife (soon to be anyway), a season pass to Snowbird, and one slick looking beard. I am happy for your success.

Cam said...

Oh Carlitos, I knew that this day would come. you are growing up and getting a beard and stuff. Just kididng you, nice work! She is a looker for an Islamic extremist. So are you going to have Kabobs at your wedding? Very proud of you man. Well done!

Jamie said...

Kabobs at the wedding is a great idea. Are kabobs a finger food, hors d'oeuvres or a meal? When I google or ask.com that question, no site gives me a straight up answer. Cause if kabobs are a meal, then they come with the sit-down deal. But if they are a finger food, then that's a whole different ballgame completely.