Friday, May 25, 2007

Before and After

Here are a couple of pics that have shown my progress from the depths of despair in the hospital until now. As you can see I am beginng to get my weight back.


Litos said...

not sure that looking like Matt is all that great, but i will take it as progress! by the way, NEVER compare yourself with Nicole Richie...EVER.
so how are we contacting you now that your phone met the demise of the washing machine? call me!

Jamie said...

Matt? Carl, are you and McConaughey on a first name basis? Let me remind you, you live in Salt Lake City where, other than the Sundance Film Festival and mormon jokes, celebrities don't even think about for a second. But, you make an excellent point -- Richie is never worthy of a Cam comparison. Cam, while this is very funny, you are too good for any Us Weekly covergirl.

Randall said...

Cam, funny stuff. I came on to look at the Oedekirk photo and as I scrolled down, I saw that anarexic (sp?) chick and had to pause and read. Having seen you at 129 I know it's no joke but to see you making fun of yourself shows you must be feeling better.

High Strung in DVD baby!!!