Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Addresses, Please, Thank You Very Much

Hey everyone!!

Please excuse the mass media... gotta love that opening, right? But
please think of this as an individualized and personal greeting to
each and everyone of you... humor me, okay?

Many of you already know, and for those of you do not yet know...
well, hell is close to freezing over. It's true, and how might I know
that, you ask... well, because I am engaged!! I apologize to those of
you who are hearing this via mass email for the first time, but it got
to be overwhelming and pain-stakingly slow via phone and well... I
need your addresses in order to send out the ol' invites.

SO... many of you I already have an address for, yet it has been
sometime since I have sent you anything via the ol' pony express--
please send it anyway, just to make sure I have your correct address.
And for those of you who I have no address due to your constant moving
and witness protection programs, please send them to me for the first

The wedding is planned for April 20th in Salt Lake City for those of
you who can hopefully attend or might happen to be in the vicinity
around that date-- would love to see you there, of course. There will
also be an open house in good ol' Corona in early May for those of you
who cannot make the April date. But, more details to follow once you
get me your addresses, right?

I hope each of you are doing well. All the best--



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Jamie said...

The last shall be first, right Carl?