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2008 Hotel California #10

#10. As a collective group, we’ve been given a lot of accolades since leaving the Brigham Young University. We’ve won individual awards, honors, and merits. The places we work have won multiple awards and honors. Plaques and certificates heralding our sales awards, advertising awards and sports awards adorn our offices and walls. But we can now add an Olympic GOLD MEDAL to our list. An Olympic Gold.

On August 23rd, 2008 nearing the end of the Beijing Olympics the US Men’s Volleyball team beat Brazil to claim the gold medal. And among the members of the US Men’s Olympic Volleyball team was our very own Hotel Californian, Rich Lambourne. And we want to celebrate his team’s great win, which was bitter sweet as you may recall. The headline read:

From tragedy to triumph: U.S. wins gold
Team USA earns first gold medal in 20 years
By the Associated Press
Posted Saturday, August 23, 2008 8:58 PM ET
BEIJING (AP) -- As the crowd roared and his team exulted in its gold medals, the coach of the U.S. men's volleyball team buried his head in his hands and walked off the court. He had gone from the lowest low to the highest high, and it was all too much.
Hugh McCutcheon needed to be alone.
Just two weeks ago, at the start of the Olympics, his father-in-law had been stabbed to death in Beijing. He stepped away from his job to take care of his family. But his team, stirred by the tragedy, began an incredible run, ending Sunday with a 3-1 victory over defending champion Brazil -- a team that they were never expected to beat.

In that same article, Rich was quoted: “"I'm sure he was overwhelmed by everything, not only what happened on the volleyball court," U.S. libero
Rich Lambourne said. "It's just something he poured his heart and soul into for the last four years."
"But certainly with the tragedy that befell his family at the beginning of these games, I'm so happy he was able to be here and experience this with us," he added. "Because he's a huge, if not the biggest, part of our team."

Certainly, the story of Todd Beckman’s tragic death and the subsequent gold medal for the US Olympic team was one of the largest stories of the Olympics. Taking nothing away from that story we want to celebrate Rich Lambourne and his accomplishments. Check out his accolades during the 8 olympic games.

Clay Stanley, playing the opposite position, was named the tournament MVP and finished as the best scorer with 146 points on 116 kills, 15 blocks and 15 aces. He was also the leading server. Rich Lambourne, from Tustin, Calif., was Team USA’s best digger (1.94 digs/set), best receiver (63.91 success percent), and best libero (60.81 success percent). Lloy Ball was the United States’ best setter (6.30 assists/set), and David Lee, from Alpine, Calif., was its best blocker (1.00 blocks/set).

And following the U.S. Men's gold medal victory at the Olympic Games, Rich appeared on Oprah Winfrey's Olympic show and the Bonnie Hunt Show. He was a star on the Hunt show, as Bonnie flirted it up with him.

Currently, Rich plays for the very famous Polish club team Mlekpol AZS Olsztyn, which is a common household name. He plays alongside a top world superstar, whom you’ve all heard of, Wojciech Grzyb.

Congrats Rich. Super stoked for you. But the question is, was he really a Hotel Californian? He wasn’t home very much, unless he was watching Basic Instinct. But that was because he was focused on his Japanese and volleyball. So, I think he was. I guess the real question is, if he saw any of us, would he say: Oh, yes, the Hotel California! That’s why there is a sort of this technicality in fully claiming the Gold. But, hey, half a gold is better than non at all. Perhaps some of our legal representatives of the Hotel can shed some light on this, Bret? Nate? Shane? Do any escape clauses exist? Any loopholes?

I know. I know. You guys aren’t thinking about that as much as you’re thinking about something else -- more importantly, what is his future with Bonnie Hunt? She’s kind of a hot lady. Growl! She’s the true definition of a supercougar, if you know what I mean. Check out her imdb page.
Go Rich! Doesn’t she have like 12 kids, though? I thought she had something like 12 kids. Anyway, Congrats Rich! We may not have been the closest roommates, but the Hotel is very proud of you.

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