Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2008 Hotel California Killer Kid

Killer Kid. This year’s killer kid award goes to Ivy Moffat for her desire to be like daddy. Ivy loves her daddy so much, she do anything for him. If you ever wondered what a true parent child bond looks like, look no further. On October 7th some of us received this email and attached picture from Luke.

-----Original Message-----From: Luke Moffat [mailto:moffat808@yahoo.com] Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 11:32 PMTo: Sean Barney; Paul Christensen; Aaron Facer; Ted Jennings; Dave Owens; Richard Owens; Ivan Reyes; Jamie Webb; Jason Wheeler; Carl Whitaker; Jen FernholzSubject: Ivy's first wave

Daddy is proud of his little girl so thought I'd share this picture with you guys (especially those of you who may have known Ivy as a newborn but haven't seen her in a while). The look on her face says it all....I think she's hooked. Not bad for 18 months!

Si, Luke! The look on her face does say it all. So much for kids showing their love for daddy by flopping around in his big shoes. So much for toddlers showing their love for daddy by drawing their handprint on a homemade card for Father’s Day. So much for little ones showing their love for daddy by making a mess in the kitchen trying to bake a cake. Not in the Moffat household. No sir. The way to be like daddy is to shred and rip it up. Hang loose, Ivy. Your daddy’s proud.

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Litos said...

Si! Killer Kid--- Nice work Moffat family!