Monday, January 05, 2009

2008 Hotel California Top Ten Intro

When I started this Top Ten in 2002, the goal was pretty simple. Celebrate the lives of all Hotel Californians. That was the mission. I didn’t write it down at the time, but that was in my head. And our lives includes all things we care about (Lakers, BYU football, Sandy, etc.) I’ve chosen to execute that mission with a Top Ten list every year. If it ever makes sense, I’ll change the way it’s executed -- or someone else will -- but the celebration will continue. Why? Because our lives today are better than when we lived at 530 East 600 North. And the family of Hotel Californians has significantly grown. We may reminisce about old times and I may use those memories as humor tactics in creating the list, but the reason this exists is because our lives today are much better and that is worth celebrating.
So, as always, before we begin the celebration of 2008, we’re going to remind ourselves of all that made the list in 2007. And, I need not remind you, that in no way do I know everything going on with you all. So the list is certainly missing some key things. Feel free to share.

HM: A blast from the past, Amy Nilsson (now Maughan) resurfaced and we recognized Dirty B. and his poster collection for ‘having some kissing’ with that fine young Bakersfield girl.
#10. The Pooleman became a doctor. Eric Poole changed his email address to reflect his professional status
#9. Our Cougars of BYU had themselves a block party in Vegas when they blocked the UCLA field goal with time expiring to win the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl.
#8. All single girls in the world wept and gnashed teeth and stuff because they had no more chances to ride the Hotel California express. The last of the single Hotel Californians got married in 2007, me and Carl.
#7. Within a one-week period Puppy, Cam and I all found out we’re having boys who would be born within a week of each other and the groundwork was laid for future BYU roommates and Hotel California II.
#6. The radio waves were never the same when Hans Olsen began hosting “The Zone” – a morning drive-time radio show on 1280AM in SLC.
#5. In the simplest terms, Puppy Ponied Up. That’s right the miracle happened of Puppy becoming generous and paying for others.
#4. The huge event of the year was when our good friend Shane Simpson met Thane Furrows at a restaurant in Aliso Viejo and discovered that a High Strung sequel may be in the works. Shane shared with the rest of us jealous Hotel Californians picture proof of him and Steve Oederkerk. Steve ranks in the top 5 of Hotel California celebrity favorites.
#3. For three days, until Cam convinced otherwise, Hillboy attempted the Master Cleanse diet of drinking only syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Brave soul.
#2. Carl was cut-off. All the years of parent-sponsored Snapples and car insurance were over.
#1. The Puppy Master Plan of timing so that he could have a baby and still travel with the BYU Cougar football. His brain conjured up the perfect time sequence that uninterruptedly gave him a baby and allowed him full travel and plan that to this day has Harvard grads scratching their heads.
Congrats the Puppy for his 2007 #1. Who is this year’s winner? So many events are newsworthy. Only one will get bragging rights.

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