Sunday, January 08, 2006

Number 7

#7. Well look who has risen from the dead. Hans Olsen emerges from the dark with the huge take of the year. And just in time, too. On December 31, 2005 at 10:35pm Hans speaks:

“hey ya'll its hansarella on the key board, scott let me in on the conversation you had and I read sad dog's cry mail to everyone. oh boohoo mad dog you think because your finally getting married that everyone should just drop their panties and go for you. listen everyone. mad dog is going to have some type of cheep imitation crab dip and a little Kool Aid with sprite at his funeral, I mean reception. I'm going to be killing people on the field and putting my life on the line for your entertainment! We all know that PUPPY is finally gonna get to wet his little carrot…Why would we celebrate in that, plus I'm bitter I did not get an invite. I still hold a nasty grudge, and Patrilly is still on my sh*% list. I miss you all real bad, my best memories include all of you. PUPPY dont be upset, we all love you but you are cheaper than me, and that means we would have more fun at bingo night with the local nursing home, and eat better also. Listen lets face the facts, I miss all of you much more than the fire croch PUPPY, and I would be so grateful to see each one of you, you were all the best…I LOVE YOU ALL, AND CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU.let me or scott know if you are gonna show, so I can see you. I miss you guys, and will see you. mad dog I love you man, you know that. I will try to come to your reception if you invite me.”

Let’s just revisit this for a minute: “…sad dog’s cry…”, “…boohoo…”, “…cheep (note the BYU Football grad spelling) imitation crab dip and a little Kool Aid with sprite…”, “…PUPPY is finally going to wet his little carrot…”, “Patrilly is still on my sh*% list…”, “…we would have more fun at bingo night with the local nursing home…” DING DING DING DING, HUGE HUUUUU HUUUU HUUUUUUUGGGEEEE!!! There it is folks. The HUGE take of 2005 by Mr. tightie whities and cowboy hat.

The only thing I have to add is, Hans, use some of that football jack and spring for a computer and get online. It’d be good to hear more from you.

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Litos said...

i think if Hanserella shows up at Pup's reception, he should sport the tightie-whities and cowboys boots and hat-- just for the sake of the good old days.... and than give Pup a sharky. and yes, Hans-- get on line and represent!