Friday, January 09, 2009

2008 Hotel California #4

#4. We’re getting close to that coveted No. 1 spot. And coming in at #4 is our beloved purple and gold from the city of Angels, the Lakers. Showtime is back, and Lakers had one helluva 2008. From a Western Conference Championship to now having the best record in the NBA, the Lakers are the best. Kobe was the league’s MVP and they were awesome.

The best was Christmas Day 2008. The Lakers destroyed the Celtics ending their 19-game win streak. With that win the Lakers stopped the Celtic’s momentum, ripped their hearts out, and brought them to their knees. They wrecked the Celtics’ mojo. The Celtics record since losing that game to the Lakers is 2-6. They’d lost 2 games all year and then the Lakers beat them and then they lose 6 of their next 8. And 5 of those losses came against sub .500 teams. I hate the Celtics. It just reminds me how I loved Magic, Kareem and Worthy showtiming up the Celtics back in the 80s. I loved Magic ripping their hearts out in the 1980 Finals. I loved Kareem sky hooking Bird and McHale’s cheeks. But who cares about the Celtics. They suck.

Lakers!! I’m so excited. Let’s look at some of the headlines. Actually forget it. Let’s just talk about the players. Players are great. But Kobe is the best. Let’s just talk about Kobe. Lakers! I remember back in 2000, 2001, and 2002 when we were winning championships how excited I was and I’m that excited right now. Lakers. They are the greatest team. They should be #1 on our countdown. But, believe it or not, a few things are better than the Lakers this past year. And when you come back tomorrow, you’ll find a couple more. Enjoy your night and your Saturday and we’ll return for more fun. P.S. The Jazz stink, too. And the Lakers already beat them this year. Lakers!

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