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2008 Hotel California #3

#3. Well we are getting closer and closer. Three remain. The big #3. Ironically, the number 3 person has gone on to win the #1 spot the next year. Could the trend continue next year. Well, first we need to learn who is this year’s #3 winner. This year’s number 3 spot goes to Carl Whittaker.

We all know this past year that Carl had a beautiful daughter Tallin on October 26, 2008. Check it.

From: tc whittaker []
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008 8:38 PM
To: John Hash; Kori Hyde; Lezlie Helm; Joe Hillman; Scott & Hallie Hillman; Joel Hinckley; SueLin Hilbert;; Lou Hampton; Sean & Meri Harper; Christy Herndon; Holly Litle; Robby Ingebretsen; Jamie Webb; Jeremiah Long; Kenny Jackman; Jamie Brimhall; Ted Jennings; Jeremy Valentiner; Jjana Valentiner; Nicole Kent; Jonny Nabrotzky; Keri Jones; Kate and Chris Hare; Kari Pearsall; Katharine Seay; Kelly Webb; Kristen Robinson; Kris Woolley; Kristen Wilde; Nicole Kent; Kelli Brew; Lyman Kirkland; Lane Anderson; Luke Moffat; Matthew Lampros; Mary Lampros; Oyvind & Merethe Russ; Steph & Mike Whiting; Sarah Monson; Peter Weir; Madrid, Patricia; Bethann Packer; Matthew Pinegar; David Platt; Rachel Denning; Rachel Smith; Richard Machin; robert macdonald; Robin Tanner; Nancy Wilberg; Nate Woolf; Nathan LonerganSubject: Presenting Tallinn Sofi Whittaker

Hey everyone!!

just wanted to send out a little note to let you all know that our little girl has arrived--she came Aug 26th at 11:35 pm.... brag, brag, brag!!!

her name is Tallinn Sofi Whittaker and she came in at 6 lbs, 5 oz and 19 inches--- not bad considering her gene pool!

both mom and babe are doing fantastically!!

But, what we didn’t know was that Carl was MIA. Missing in Action. On this very blog back in August of 2007, Cam asked:

Monday, August 27, 2007
Where's Litos

Oh where, oh where has our Litos gone?
Oh where, oh where are his cheeks?
Just wondering if anyone has heard from Carlitos? He seems to be missing in action since his wedding. New phone number apparently. Come on Litos, no courtesy call to inform us of your new number? Not even an effortless mass text message? That does not sound like Carl to me. Therefore, I am obligated to presume foul play. Has Carl been turned to a Slave of the Chirelle? Not that it is a bad thing necessarily. Is Carl in Iraq practicing medicine? Or has Carl always been on the cusp of being translated and just needed the final step of marriage and he goes shooting straight up in his fiery chariot? Perplexed we are Litos? Dare we call Trudy and interupt her piano lessons to find out your whereabouts or contact info. I don't know if it has reached that extreme yet.
Posted by Cameron Hulse at
8:57 AM 2 comments

Jamie said...
Carl is unfortunately in brown yard hell. He has become Carl Spackler the groundskeeper. Only his nemesis is not a gopher on a golf course -- oh no! The enemy are brown blades of grass. How often should he water? Twice a week? Morning and night? Can we help a brother?
3:53 PM

Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...
Seriously, honeymoon is over, way over, come on up for air. Spring 2008 would be a perfect time to come - you could come sooner, but then only Kenny would be around to perform the "hostess" and well, if I were you I wouldn't risk it!
9:54 AM

I, for one, thought, ‘ha ha, we’re having some fun with the whole cliché of the married man going black for a little while.’ But I didn’t know of the seriousness of the situation until I had a recent conversation with Nate Ashcraft this year. The biggest evidence came on December 17th when Nate Ashcraft called me and said:
Nate:Hey do you have Carl’s address.”
Me: “Actually I do normally but my computer crashed and I lost my files and directory. But I’ll call him and get it.”
Nate: “I called him, too, but didn’t hear from him. As a matter of fact the voicemail I left him said, ‘Carl this is Nate, Amy and I have Christmas cards to send out. Can I get your address? In fact, it was about this time last year that I left this same exact message asking for your address. So, if you give me your address I can send you two cards.”
Me: “(Laughing) Well, when I get it I can pass it along.”

This got me wondering. Is this an isolated incident? And being the super sleuth I am, I put 2 and 2 together. Cam is saying Carl is MIA and Nate has dated undelivered Christmas cards. How many undelivered cards does he actually have from Hotel folks? So I made some calls. Well, here is the breakdown. Nate has 2. Brent Stanley 3. Ted has 2. Jonny has 2. Cam has 4. Sean Brown has 1. Trish told me that she and Dave had 5, but threw 2 away. Dirty B has 3. Hillboy has none. Joe has 1. Luke Moffat has none because he emails them. Shane Simpson has 6. Pitzak has 7. Bret has 4. Brian Hulse has 4. That makes 42 and Eric Poole has 2 ½. I don’t know, don’t ask. That makes a total of 44 ½ Christmas cards for Carl just from Hotel California members. If Carl measured currency in Christmas cards he’d be a rich one.

Well, I’m here to give all of you his address and take those cards off your hands. I want to initiate operation Carl Christmas Card.

Step 1: Use the following address: 281 I Street Salt Lake City Utah 84103
Step 2: Before you run outside to the mailbox or run out to the post office, this is very important. Many of you will need to purchase some extra postage. For those with cards older than 1 year, please apply 3, 1-cent stamps. For those older than 2 years, please apply 5, 1-cent stamps or a 5-cent stamp. And for those older than that, please apply a total of 9, 1-cent stamps.
Step3: To help Carl know the correct chronology of the cards, please label each card with the appropriate year. That way Carl will be able to identify which pictures are the most updated of you and your kids.
Step 4: For those of us with last names that begin A-M please send this week. And those with last names N-Z please send next week so as not to overcrowd the post office and jam the machines.

Great. Carl is going to receive his Christmas Cards. Carl, look for those in the mail and congrats on earning the #3 spot. Just 2 left.

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